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Best Friends ForeverThere are lots of children on Hill Street, but no little girls Betsy s age So when a new family moves into the house across the street, Betsy hopes they will have a little girl she can play with Sure enough, they doa little girl named Tacy And from the moment they meet at Betsy s fifth birthday party, Betsy and Tacy becoms such good friends that everyone starts to think of them as one personBetsy Tacy.Betsy and Tacy have lots of fun together They make a playhouse from a piano box, have a sand store, and dress up and go calling And one day, they come home to a wonderful surprisea new friend named Tib.Ever since their first publication in the 1940 s, the Betsy Tacy stories have been loved by each generation of young readers....

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Betsy-Tacy Reviews

  • Tchr89
    2019-04-04 10:59

    The first book in a beloved series. I read the series as a child/teenager (the first book starts when the girls are 5; the last book is about Betsy getting married). I was absolutely thrilled as an adult when I discovered the author based the characters on herself and her family and friends, which lends a huge amount of authenticity to the daily life portrayed in the books. They take place around the turn of the 20th Century (she is college-aged during WWI--think Downton Abbey). The books are of middle class America in Minnesota (for the most part). I bought the whole set for my classroom library and I own the whole set myself. My recent purchase is for a young friend turning 7. Perfect for young readers who read well. Although I would recommend the high school books for older kids (6th grade and up) they are so clean and inoffensive that I keep them in my 4th grade classroom. There is even a Betsy-Tacy society.

  • susan
    2019-04-22 05:07

    I read this book as a child growing up in Minnesota and remembered it with great fondness. When a young friend from another country now living in Minneapolis had a baby girl I reread the book and wanted to send it to her so her child would understand something about the life and history of other little girls who had proceeded her. Although somewhat outdated it still speaks to the concerns of little girls and the needs and hopes they have in their friendships. Shaped by their families their place in this world also plays a strong role in creating and fostering their characteristics and friendship. It will take a bright and curious chld to read and love this book, but she will be rewarded a sense of rootedness and belonging.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-26 11:42

    These books, the first four Betsy Tacy books, are so refreshing. How wonderful to hear of children entertaining themselves, enjoying nature, having the freedom of the outdoors, and using their imaginations with no help from TV, radio, or computer games. The forwards by other authors including Judy Blume and the information at the end of each book explaining how the stories were taken from Maud Lovelace's own life added to the interest of the stories.

  • JC Reader
    2019-03-29 11:54

    It was a gift for a friend who grew up with the Betsy-Tacy stories. She was very pleased to have the chance to revisit the characters and their adventures.

  • Mark Fabish
    2019-04-23 04:46

    My eight year old loves this series, and is on book 9. These were perfect for her to read to herself after we read Anne of Green Gables to her this past month. She is a pretty advanced reader so I'm not sure the age they're directed at but she devours them. Thank God for the library now, but this is the one that kicked it off.

  • Neurasthenic
    2019-04-16 04:43

    OK, it's a little dated, and describes modes of social interaction impossible in a modern urban setting (Betsy and Tacey meet unsupervised at a park bench between their homes to share dinner together, etc.), but this book has worked its magic for generations and has lost nothing for current youth. My daughter (age 6) loves it. She reads well enough that she could have completed it herself but this is the one book she insists that her mom read it to her instead because she wants to share it.

  • Reviewer Mom
    2019-03-29 05:00

    My 6-year-old daughter really loved this story. The friends in it are very sweet and their independence and sense of adventure appeals to her. Spoiler Alert: But be warned that the beloved toddler sister of one of the characters dies. It's handled well, but it's not something I would choose to read to my 6-year-old, if I'd have known about it in advance. These books are about 80 years old, so baby deaths were more common, but still, it's not something I want in a children's book.

  • drebbles
    2019-03-28 05:57

    Betsy-Tacy is the first book in the delightful series by Maud Hart Lovelace. Five-year-old Betsy longs for a best friend and finds one when Tacy moves in across the street. Together they have many adventures, including going on picnics, selling sand, playing with paper dolls, going "calling" on neighbors, climbing The Big Hill, and going to school for the first time.