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Beginning with the basics, this text explains exactly what UNIX processes are, how they are generated, and how they can access their own environments The new edition includes coverage of multithreading with POSIX threads named and unnamed pipes creation, control and operation of message queues semaphores and semaphore sets and remote procedure calls and sockets Annotation c by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or....

Title : Interprocess Communication Unix, The Nooks and Crannies (Prentice Hall (engl. Titel))
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ISBN : 0138995923
ISBN13 : 978-0138995928
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Markt Technik Verlag Auflage Subsequent 3 November 1998
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Interprocess Communication Unix, The Nooks and Crannies (Prentice Hall (engl. Titel)) Reviews

  • None
    2019-04-01 10:35

    If you thrive on complexity, and love to read between the lines when learning a subject than this is the book for you. I had to use this book for my graduate systems programming class, and really had to struggle to understand Gray's complex method's of teaching. The book's examples are overly complex. Instead of just showing how a function works in a clear manner, the programs are full of lots of extra stuff that you must spend time figuring out before you can understand what you are trying to learn.This book could have used a lot more diagrams to explain subjects. Furthermore, the exercises in this book were often very difficult and required my classmates and I to use outside resources to answer. This is not the way is should be. One would hope the text would give you all you need to figure out the questions. Gray apparently thrives on complexity, and the reading is rough going for people new to the subject.I would suggest that Gray pick up a book by Peter van der Linden to see how a good technical book can be written.

  • Gelegenheitsleser
    2019-04-17 09:59

    Looking for a practical introduction to interprocess communication (IPC)? Need to teach this topic, possibly as an extension to operating systems or computer networks? Don't look any further - this is it. It is a down to earth description of the major concepts. It includes practical examples of all of them. The source code can be down-loaded and it works - I have tried it all. We ported all the examples to AIX and to Linux, no problems. Makes a great base for a graduate or postgraduate lecture and students will like it. Supplement it with the text by W. Richard Stevens "UNIX Network Programming" and you are set.

  • None
    2019-04-04 15:31

    Despite the title of the text, this book provides little more than a skin-deep look at inter-process communications. The presentation is not clear, and there are significant errors in both the descriptions and example code which may actually mislead rather than assist the inexperienced. Having had to teach junior programmers the essentials of good client/server development several times, I was hoping to find a book that would cover most of the important issues; this is certainly not the one..

  • None
    2019-04-18 07:53

    This is a well written book that thoroughly covers the subject of IPC in UNIX. Gray carefully explains each topic. The chapter on sockets has sufficient information and examples to get the reader through a graduate level client/server course or familiarize the professional with these topics. I used the material on a LINUX platform with no problem.

  • C. V. Karayiannis
    2019-04-11 11:55

    This is one of the best introductory books on ... network programming with sockets. Believe it, although it includes just one chapter about sockets it makes a precise description of the basics of network programming, also notice that the code is ok for Linux.