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b This lightening pacedinstant New York Times bestseller asks the question What if the world as we know it ended tomorrow WHAT IF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT ENDED TOMORROW The America we are accustomed to is no Practically overnight the stock market has plum meted, hyperinflation has crippled commerce, and the fragile chains of supply and high technology infrastructure have fallen The power grids are down Brutal rioting and looting grip every major city The volatile era known as the Crunch has begun, and this new period in our history will leave no one untouched In this unfamiliar environment, only a handful of individuals are equipped to survive....

Title : Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse
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ISBN : 1439172811
ISBN13 : 978-1439172810
Format Type : Paperback
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Pocket Books Auflage Reprint 25 September 2012
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Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse Reviews

  • Daniel Schueller
    2019-04-05 07:19

    Das Buch alleine macht weniger Spaß, wenn man sich zuvor nicht mit dem ersten Titel Patriots beschäftigt hat. Der Autor schreibt zwar, dass die Geschichten auch alleine verstanden werden können aber die Ausführungen, Details und Ideen sind bei weitem nicht so gut dargestellt. Die Romane von Rawles sind die ersten echten Endzeitromane ohne den ganzen Zombie quatsch. Schlecht an diesem Buch sind seine Abmessungen auch das war bei Patriots besser! Daher nur 4 Sterne.

  • Martin Schroeder
    2019-04-13 04:05

    Das Buch fängt interessant an und hat etliche spannende Ansätze. Aber irgendwie kommt es nie richtig in Fahrt und dann ist es zu Ende.

  • S. Kretzschmar
    2019-03-28 05:14

    Ich hab mir das Buch in einem Buchladen in New York für wenig Geld mitgenommen, weil mich die Idee der Hintergrundstory wirklich angesprochen hat. Es war mein erstes Buch von Autor James Wesley, Rawles, einem ehemaligen US Army Officer - und es wird denke ich auch das letzte bleiben. Nach den ersten etwa 70 Seiten hab ich es enttäuscht aufgegeben, nicht zuletzt wegen unsinnigerweise immer neuen Abkürzungen, die der Autor kontinuierlich einführt und damit den Lesefluss unnötig und recht einfallslos unterbricht. Schade.

  • JB
    2019-03-26 10:17

    First off James Wesley Rawls is not a god so don’t expect him to create miracles of literary content. It amazes me that the majority of negative reviews I’ve read here all are expecting some kind of enlightenment to help them grow as a prepper or to read a work that parallels the literary genius of someone like Earnest Hemmingway. I almost did not get this book based on some of the negative reviews, but I’m glad I took the time to make a my own assessment by purchasing and reading it. I found it quite enjoyable and it kept me coming back for more just to see what was going to happen. To me personally I found it to be a better read than the first book. While I like the first book, this one had me pulled in more as I could relate to one of the main character’s efforts and journey to get home in a time of turmoil. This book is listed and sold as fiction and that is precisely what it is. It makes for a good story to read and contemplate. I often found myself asking what would I do in some of the situations that evolved within this book. So as some may try to read and review this book as a preppers. “How To” guide for an end of times as we know it, keep in mind this is a fictitious book with an interesting story line presented through the eyes of believable characters. Some have also complained of too much religious content. To me there was not a lot in this book. There was some, but I did not feel overwhelmed by it. If you’re going to read JW Rawls, keep in mind that his main characters tend to have a strong foundation in their religious beliefs so this will be expressed within the story. To me it is part of the character development within this series. Overall this is a good read and worth the time.

  • E. J. Guedez
    2019-04-07 07:11

    This book is about a handful of brave and resourceful people fighting to survive the collapse of a nation, the USA, after an economic and social breakdown which cause is not well explained in the book. It is also about guns, guns and more guns. Nonetheless, it's a good reading. But you'll need to buy a sequel to learn the end of it. Does the author uses the book to justify the right to own and use guns beyond the second amendment?

  • Lazarovic
    2019-04-14 08:19

    I thought this one was the best of the batch, despite what some other reviewers have said. It was the first one I read, two more since; Patriots and Founders.I found the part about the Army officer abandoned in Europe and unable to get home by conventional means intriguing. Most interesting was how his stash of precious metal coins was accepted as payment when cash was worthless. I found myself reading further about precious metals. I also liked how he made his way from Belize back to the U.S. through Mexico. Great story. I enjoyed it. Can't say as much about the others editions in this series. Founders was OK, but I found Patriots a boring rehash.

  • Karl Tipple
    2019-04-08 06:17

    I really enjoyed this. The story runs concurrent with the storyline in Mr. Rawles's novel "Patriots". A couple of the characters of this story even knew the Grays - a family who played a large role in "Patriots". Both novels were written in similar style; indeed they both dealt with the same collapse scenario centering around a failure of the US dollar.Unlike Patriots, most of the characters in this novel were more ordinary type people in ordinary occupations - many were of limited economic means - struggling day to day like the rest of us. Some of these folks were prudent prepper type people; others were not prepped but rose to the demands of the occasion and got creative. All of them were caught in various situations, each of which required somewhat different strategies to deal with successfully. I really liked this aspect of "Survivors" - I could personally identify more with the people involved and this book was less the stereotypical story of preppers with bunkers, bug-out cabins, multi-year stockpiles of food, etc.Mr. Rawles also dealt with a serious problem NOT often addressed in the survival press - and that is the VERY REAL THREAT of organized criminal gangs. In "Survivors", he deals point-blank with what can happen when such gangs run amok in a WROL (without rule of law) situation. Having lived in gang-ridden areas for much of my adult life and seen firsthand the lukewarm (at best) response of police and other authorities during "normal, peacetime" conditions, I've had an unwelcome look into that world and seen how they operate. Most people, unless they have personally been victims, are content to look the other way and allow this activity to go on right under their noses. Given that, and our society's lack of political will to deal effectively with the problem, I can tell anyone reading this post that MOST folks - including 'seasoned preppers' - are NOT in the slightest bit prepared for this type of threat. As someone said to me years ago "people won't know what hit 'em, much less what to do about it when it does."All in all, I thought this was an excellent read. Like "Patriots", "Survivors" had some excellent survival oriented information with an engaging story wrapped around it. He also had some excellent information regarding amateur "ham" radio as a means of emergency communication in this book. As I mentioned above, I liked the fact this story actually dealt with more "common" or "everyday" people and less with the stereotypical "prepper" types. From that standpoint I liked "Survivors" better than "Patriots", but BOTH books are well worth reading.