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Oriland Magic Star will show you how to create mesmerizing action origami fabulous variations of the one and only Magic Star of Oriland The Magic Star is a star like shaped polyhedral torus that can be rotated, so its surface constantly transforms with sections squeezing in the center and straightening at the equator , while you see the changing pattern of folds and colors that has a mesmerizing effect Watch Oriland Magic Star in action in this video Do It Yourself fold these fantastic action models, originally designed by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov, and experience the mystery of The Oriland Magic Star firsthand On 90 pages of this book there are 360 detailed step by step colorful vector and photo diagrams with thorough written instructions and photos of examples of completed projects that will guide you through folding the 6 original origami designs including the one piece Magic Star and modular Magic Stars In each article, there are recommendations on paper type and size with indication of the size of the completed model, as well as suggestions on color schemes to get rainbow, hypnotic rings, chess, yin yang effects on your Magic Stars The designs are intermediate and complex level of folding and are a good challenge for the experienced folder and the expert alike Folding the modules is easy, though the assembly of the star might be challenging, but the result is oh how satisfying Have a creative and fun time with this book making mesmerizing Oriland Magic Stars Happy folding For details on this book and the model menu, please visit our website at Action Origami Series Volume 1 this book Volume 2...

Title : Oriland Magic Star: Mesmerizing Action Origami (Volume 1)
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Oriland Magic Star: Mesmerizing Action Origami (Volume 1) Reviews

  • JudyinAZ
    2019-03-31 09:28

    Took me 4 tries, but the final result is beautiful and works! Do make a larger version first. Actual origami paper works best, but you can use 20 lb copy paper (which is very hard to find in colors other than pastels). I made one star with bright colored 24 lb copy paper, but it's hard going - don't start for the first time with 24 lb paper. The photos are very good - the line drawings very confusing. Tip: After the initial folds, to do the "step folds," count the rows as 1 thru 8 from the top down, then the step folds consist of folding rows 2 and 3 under 4, and rows 6 and 7 under 5; from the right side you will then be looking at rows 1, 4, 5 & 8. To see what is meant by "cornice" folds, go to the back of the book in the assembly instructions and look at the photos (I couldn't figure anything out from the line drawings). So - 5 stars for an enchanting creation, and down to 4 stars for instructions that have some serious holes.

  • Speach60
    2019-03-31 10:45

    The Oriland Magic Star is mesmerising. Lots of folds to make and looks complicated. I haven't made one yet, but thoroughly examined the book. Kids and adults will love to get one of these as a gift. May be a bit complicated for those who are not inclined to this type of origami, but would still like to receive one. Well worth the price.

  • Essie T
    2019-03-23 13:53

    My friend like it. Good +++

  • alexu
    2019-04-13 09:43

    Interesting material, clear instructions. I wish there was an instruction video...

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-28 10:53

    I was a little disappointed by this book. The model is truly beautiful, but the instructions are unnecessarily complicated. The foto instructions are divided into many small steps, but the most critical steps are not very clear. Diagrams would have been more helpful in my opinion. At the end I had to tape my model together, because the paper tore apart after too many tries to find out what was meant by "cornice folds".