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For than 40 years, Noro has been a source of fabulously inventive yarns prized by knitters around the world for their incomparable colors, patterns, and luxury Crochet Noro presents 30 vibrant designs from such top designers as Lily Chin, Yoko Hatta, and Doris Chan, ranging from an adorable swirly hat and trendy bias miniskirt to a mohair motif blanket These beautiful items, and the yarns they showcase such as Kureyon Silk Garden and Taiyo are sure to excite crocheters....

Title : Crochet Noro: 30 Dazzling Designs (Knit Noro Collection)
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Crochet Noro: 30 Dazzling Designs (Knit Noro Collection) Reviews

  • Rinny11
    2019-01-23 21:24

    What can you say? Gorgeous, easy to follow patterns with the general Western style text instruction as well as lovely charts, which are so easy to learn and when you do, you can look up Japanese crochet charts just like these and it won't matter that you can't read the language, you'll be able to read the chart! This book actually made it easier to envision each project in my mind because of how nice the charts and photos are.

  • stewartt
    2019-02-18 23:28

    Crochet Noro is a great book for all you crocheters out there! The yarn is absolutely stunning and the patterns are actually cute! I love how they take these beautiful silk and wool yarns and make the colorful clothes and accessories! There is a wonderful hat pattern in there that turned out beautiful (although I didn't use Noro brand yarn). The patterns are easy to understand and the whole book is well organized! I am planning on making more of their patterns in the future, and yes, some with Noro yarn. There is a similar book for knitters with different patterns as well. I wound up buying that too! Both were great purchases and you will enjoy looking at the lovely ideas. This is not just boring crochet- this is stylish, modern and original clothes that you will actually wear after all of your hard work! There is also a purse in this book that turned out well. I used the suggested yarn and it turned out gorgeous. I just need to add a liner and I will be using it as a daily accessory. There are patterns for scarves, sweaters, skirts, hats and shirts in there. I hope someday they make a children’s Noro book because the colors are just so awesome. I like the quality of their yarn. A good place to order the suggested yarn (although they do discontinue the last year’s yarn) is Dharma Trading. They have a great selection. These patterns also work great with other yarns, but if you are looking for the original yarns, sometimes they can be hard to find. Scour Ebay. and discontinued brand name yarn are also great places to look.

  • knittingfan
    2019-02-03 02:01

    I purchased the book just for the necklace design. The instructions are vague, and there is no demo photo of several important steps, and no customer service info. I wish there was a number I could call with questions.

  • Cheryl A. Rice
    2019-02-06 03:11

    So Noro. They are generally prejudiced against crocheters, but I have made several things out of this book already. Not necessarily in Noro Yarn, mind you, but the designs adapt easily. There's a new Noro crochet book out I hope to get soon, too. I do recommend this for anyone's crochet library, not just Noro crackheads like me...

  • Jan August
    2019-02-18 02:58

    This is a beautiful book with detailed pictures! I love the patterns and I love Noro yarn. The patterns are clearly written and easy to understand. Some patterns also have stitch diagrams. The patterns use a variety of Noro yarns. I would like to have seen more garment patterns in worsted weight but I now have a reason to buy more yarn. One complaint that I have is that one pattern lists Silk Garden as a 3-weight yarn while several others list it as a 4-weight yarn, so I'm not sure if the error is the weight listed or if the yarn listed should have been Silk Garden Lite (a 3- weight yarn).

  • Edilia
    2019-02-13 01:05

    I am not the best crocheter but this book has such clear instructions that my projects have turned out so beautiful so much so that you would think I have been crocheting all my life. I did stitches that I had not done before with such ease that inspired me to continue crocheting through the book. I highly recommend it.

  • M. K. Zeman
    2019-02-07 22:25

    This book is gorgeous to look at. 30 patterns using Noro's unusual yarns to their best advantage. Most crocheters I know who love Noro yarns, have also struggled with how to use them best for crochet.

  • klk
    2019-02-18 21:10

    I eagerly waited for this book to be published and now that it is, I am not disappointed. It is very unusual to find a crochet book and want to make more than one or two projects, this book is just the opposite, I want to make them all!!!! It is a beautiful book, there is a nice variety of patterns which have different degrees of difficulty. The patterns are written clearly, there is more than one picture per pattern, and diagrams with some. This is one book I am happy to have in my collection. Dear Noro, when will we see your next book?