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In the summer he turned forty Peter bought an old Vespa on eBay and rode it from Milan to Rome.The Vespa was a beautiful coffee coloured 61 model with saddle seats and a little too much chrome Peter called her Sophia after Sophia Loren and the Italians loved her as much as he did.From the Italian Alps to the hilltop towns of Tuscany she showed Peter a side of Italy very few people get to see.I do not know a single soul who will not totally dig this brilliant love letter to Italy and its favourite way of getting around Mario BataliGoes down as easily as a fine Chianti Wanderlust MagazineJust dont read it in public if youd prefer not to be caught laughing out loud Lonely Planet Newsletter...

Title : Vroom With A View (English Edition)
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Format Type : Hardcover
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Vagabond Editions 17 Februar 2011
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Vroom With A View (English Edition) Reviews

  • Stuart W. Shields
    2019-04-20 16:35

    A highly recommended read. I read it almost in one go and then went out and bought a Gran Turismo!

  • Neville Samuels
    2019-04-15 10:26

    There's something romantic about exploring Italy on a scooter. Maybe not one that breaks down every so often, but it's the misadventures and wrong turns that lead you on some forgotten and hidden paths that make a trip more worthwhile and memorable.'Vroom with a View' is a unique, sometimes whimsical, journey from Milan to Rome that's full of colorful, mostly friendly and helpful Italians and plenty of overnight stays at obscure places that have remarkable views of Tuscany and the Italian countryside.A 1961 Vespa with plenty of chrome and saddle seats steals the hearts of the author, Peter Moore, and many locals, some old enough to remember being courted upon a Vespa in their younger days. The scooter stirs up some fond memories and lights everyone up. It's a feat of Italian engineering and seems to be the 'star' of this travelogue. Without the Vespa, the author lovingly calls 'Sophia', he would just be another tourist with a camera following tour guides.Moore educates us about the history of the Vespa and how it became so popular after the Second World War and tells us more about the places he visits and what makes them unique. We learn about the best time to drink cappuccino and how to overcome fears riding through the traffic chaos, especially in Milan and Rome.In many ways, it's like we were riding along on the back of the Vespa, getting swatted by the bugs, slowly rolling along the Tuscan hills and like the author, kind of dreading that Sophia would suddenly sputter to a stop in the middle of nowhere. It's all part of the adventure and what makes 'Vroom with a View' a joy to read.

  • Carole
    2019-04-14 12:22

    I've had some trouble concentrating enough to enjoy reading lately. Peter -- we're on a first-name basis now that I've traveled through Italy on a Vespa with him -- helped me enjoy it again. I looked forward each night to getting back to traveling with him and Sophia, especially as I am a traveler and was reading it while in my rental apartment in Budapest while lying under a poster from the film La Dolce Vita. And I even enjoyed when Sally joined us (though Sophia had a tough job with three of us on her back) as she was a calming influence.Peter made me want to make plans to ride a Vespa around Italy this spring. Perhaps I will. This was not one of those, "I laughed, I cried" books. It was I an, "I inhaled the fresh Italian countryside, learned a bit about the towns, and giggled along the way book. Beside enticing me to travel around Italy on a Vespa, it made me want to read some more from Peter. Was it Paul Theroux? No. But, if I wanted Theroux, I would have read Theroux. Thanks for the fun ride, Peter!

  • Charles Hall
    2019-03-28 13:07

    I'm intrigued by the stylish old Vespas and just read a couple of books about them. Unfortunately, Italian authors can't seem to put into words what the Vespa means to them. Somehow it's lost in translation. But this author puts his finger on it! A Vespa was everybody's first transportation, for their first girlfriend, or to court their wife, or to get a first job. The scooter was and in some cases still appears to be the best way to get around in Italy. By riding an old Vespa he brings out the best in everyone he meets.The book is really fun to read and I had a hard time putting it down to go to bed. Vespa fans will get a snippet of history here and there, but the main story of the book is the role Vespas seem to have played in just about everyone's life. His description of Italy, taken at slow speed makes it seem really interesting, but don't think of this as guide book. It's more about the feel of the places and people he meets.

  • Christopher Pelham
    2019-04-20 14:24

    I found it to be pretty superficial and breezy, but I quickly read it all the way through anyway because it did give me the feeling of being there, exploring Italy on a Vespa, and I thought that was a worthwhile point-of-view to experience prior to traveling to Italy myself for the first time. While it could be much more detailed and compelling, it does nevertheless have just enough detail to go with its unique narrative vantage point (narrated from a scooter), to distinguish it from travel guides and other travel books, and you get to tag along with a tourist who successfully meets and becomes friends with Italian people wherever he goes, and experience through his mind what that is like. It's meant to be lighthearted and fun and not too serious, and that's what it is. If you are looking for an intense subjective account of encounters with Italian art, or for serious romance, look elsewhere.

  • Bill Boggs
    2019-04-21 09:20

    If you love Vespas and love the little details of owning and riding one this book is for you. If you love Vespa people who ride and work on thses mechanical wasp, this book is for you. If you ever wanted to tour Italy on vintage Vespa buy this book. Very scooter oriented without becoming a mechanical tome. You'll learn just what makes Vespa the darling of Italy. And the travel narrative is just as good. You will feel the sun, wind, blue sea, taste the wine and pasta and touch the heart of this wondeful country. Peter Moore did his best work in this book. Not to mention his romance with his future wife. Excellent reading. I wish I were there now. It ended....darn!