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Teens control the fate of America in the fourth and final book in the New York Times bestselling Unwind dystology by Neal Shusterman that Horn Book Magazine calls ambitious, insightful, and devastatinga fitting conclusion to a provocative series.Proactive Citizenry, the company that created Cam from the parts of unwound teens, has a plan to mass produce rewound teens like Cam for military purposes And below the surface of that horror lies another shocking level of intrigue Proactive Citizenry has been suppressing technology that could make unwinding completely unnecessary As Conner, Risa, and Lev uncover these startling secrets, enraged teens begin to march on Washington to demand justice and a better future But trouble is brewing Starkeys group of storked teens is growing powerful and militant with each new recruit And if they have their way, theyll burn the harvest camps to the ground and put every adult in them before a firing squadwhich could destroy any chance America has for a peaceful future....

Title : UnDivided (Unwind Dystology)
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UnDivided (Unwind Dystology) Reviews

  • Kristina Heinrich
    2019-02-06 21:54

    Dieses Buch was das erste, das ich überhaupt auf Englisch gelesen habe. Mein Englisch ist nicht wirklich sehr fit und bisher hab ich mich nicht rangetraut auf Englisch zu lesen, doch da ich nicht mehr warten konnte bis der 4te Teil übersetzt wird musste ich es a ur englisch probieren. Ich habe mich durchs englische durch alle Seiten gekämpft und ich War am ende so begeistert, sodass ich jetzt alle vorherigen 3 teile noch auf englisch lesen möchte. Ich liebe den schreibst von Neal und die Geschichte ist einfach nur der Wahnsinn, auch wenn ich ganz zum Schluss doch Kleinigkeiten zu kritisieren hätte, aber sie sind nur minimal. Kein Autor hat es bisher geschafft mich so sehr zu fesseln, mich gar dazu zu bringen ganze 400 Seiten auf englisch zu lesen und mich süchtig nach mehr zu machen. Dabei bin ich eigentlich kein Jugendbuch Fan, aber es gibt nur wenige stellen an denen es einem auffällt, dass es ein Jugendbuch ist, das mich aber überhaupt nicht gestört hat. Ich bin untröstlich dass es der letzte Teil war.5 sterne

  • Steph
    2019-01-23 04:36

    To be honest, I was not sure if I was prepared to read the last installment of the unwind-series, because the first 3 books managed to horrify me greatly (intentionally so) and stayed with me for a while. The 4th book continues that trend although you have to admit that, like the people living in that twisted society, you get used to the horror that is unwinding. You do not get used to children risking everything for the smallest chance of saving those who share their fate. I am very relieved and glad that I finished, although during the day it took, I was very conflicted about the development of the characters.The end itself manages to be everything I wished for. Hopeful, but not a fairytale. I can say that Shusterman managed to write the most thrilling YA-series I have read in quite a long time. Definitely a recommendation!

  • Alessa
    2019-02-02 02:54

    Ich liebe diesen Autor, einer meiner Lieblinge, dieses Buch ist wieder klasse, tolle Fortsetzung, jetzt warte ich nurnoch gespannt auf den Film =]

  • LittleDarling
    2019-02-15 04:48

    Amazing conclusion to a fantastic series. Wow. This was a damn rollercoaster and I'm not sure if I should feel sick to my stomach or elated and excited or both. Probably both. Because this book just didn't slow down. There was so much happening and so much of it broke my damn heart.I still can't get over what Connor did. What Lev did. The lengths they were willing to go to save other kids, to save humanity as such.And I've read it at the perfect time too. It was just very fitting with what was/is going on in the world and I'm not sure Neal Shusterman could have ever expected how relevant his story would become. Not because we are going to start to unwind kids. But because of the fear that rules society. His characters have shown it beautifully though - it is not a single person who makes a change come about. It's many people and many little actions that lead to a change.It wasn't just Connor or Lev who have changed the course of the world in this series. Even though they might have been at the front, they might have maybe even sacrificed the most, suffered the most, it wasn't just them. And the contributions of others, people like Risa, Hayden, Grace, Bam and so many, many others, were just as crucial and important. I loved how Shusterman spun a web where one thing a character did at the beginning suddenly had an impact hundreds of pages later. This whole series was extremely complex and so were the characters. And it made for a captivating and thought-provoking read.It was not a quick read. Not an easy one either. It was too dark for that. But it's one I would not have wanted to miss for anything in the world. I still feel traumatized by what happened to Connor. I think I will for a while. And that's the sign it was a good book - because it will stay with me.5 I-might-need-chocolate-to-soothe-my-frayed-nerves stars.

  • Nicole
    2019-01-26 03:53

    I finished all 4 books in this series in about 4 days. I'm a big fan of dystopian novels and this one had a premise that I had yet to encounter before. I have to admit that at first I was annoyed by the multiple POVs throughout the novels, but once you see all the pieces coming together through all the different characters you can really enjoy seeing the world through their eyes (pun intended). Unwind and UnDivided were my two favorites of the series, but all 4 books are real gems in this genre. What really surprised me was that I had to actually dig around online to even discover this series. I think this has as much potential to be a blockbuster franchise and is just as well written and engaging (and violent) as The Hunger Games. This is a must read for anyone who love dystopian stories. It will stay with you long after you finish it.

  • I am Lampy
    2019-01-19 01:03

    The first book in this series haunted me. The second destroyed me. The third gave me hope. And this last book released me. There are so many things these books say about what defines life and where the soul lives and how easily the masses can delude themselves--ourselves--into believing anything is okay if it comes to easing our fear. There's enough substance in these four books to fuel any number of debates for years. But the most profound yet subtle idea these books crack open is the almost universal fear parents have of their children. Whether it's the toddler who throws a tantrum at all the wrong times or the six year old who refuses to bathe or the ten year old who decides to start calling you by your first name instead of mom or dad or the fifteen year old you find out is sexually active or the seventeen year old who may not graduate from high school because of bad grades and apathy about that imminent failure--our children commit endless insults to our pride throughout their childhood and adolescence. In ten years these "crimes" will matter little. The toddler learns self control, the ten year old cries out for "Daddy!" after a fearful nightmare, the fifteen year old grows into a wise young parent and the seventeen year old becomes an entrepreneur. But we parents don't see the brighter future that may lay around the bend because our children bombard us and reflect back to us our most troubling inadequacies. Where did we go wrong? Why is our child like this? We failed. And that angers us. We don't see the 60% that is successful parenting reflected in them or the 30% that is every child's need to set themselves apart from his parents because growing up means growing away. Too often we only see the 10% that are our failings as parents. And in that anger how many of us have thought, "This kid is hopeless. I want to murder that little brat." And what if someone convinced you that you could get rid of that reflection of your failings and still be considered a good parent? In the darkest days of parenting, when you are overwhelmed with the ways in which you have failed this child, if someone came and took him and you could have peace, would you sign on the dotted line? Absolutely not, right? How many of you reading these books felt certain people deserved to be unwound...Roland? Starkey? Nelson, who received no anesthesia for his crimes? Did you see it as justice? Are you absolutely sure you would not sign that dotted line? We fear for our children all the time but there are also plenty of times we fear for ourselves because of our children. This book series takes that shameful fear and shows what can happen when we collectively decide to look the other way so that we can feel "safe" again.

  • Robin Snyder
    2019-02-07 22:51

    Overall Series 4.5 “Nice Socks” StarsUnwind 5 StarsUnwholly 4.5 StarsUnsouled 4 StarsUndivided 5 StarsI thought, I couldn’t be shocked anymore….I thought, nothing Neal Shusterman says or does will surprise me now…I thought, there was nothing more horrible than the things I’ve already seen in this series...I thought, I knew who to hate and who to love in the story….I thought, I was prepared….I was wrong. So…so…wrong-- “Tools are neither demonic nor divine. It’s all about who wields them.”I’ve been severely disappointed with dystopian novels lately. They all seem to start out strong and then just dwindle or they are exactly the same as everything else out there Aligent, Requiem. However, the Unwind series is a true sparkling diamond in a sea of cubic zirconia. Neal Shusterman lines up all the pieces in the story, sets the tumblers in motion and much like a game of Plinko I had no idea where the pieces would finally come to rest. Undivided is an AMAZING wrap up to the Unwind series. This is the series you recommend first when someone asks if you know of any good Dystopian or YA novels.Just like the other books in the series it is told in the multiple PoV fashion mostly from the viewpoints of Connor, Risa, Lev and Cam but also there are others from Hayden, Argent, Una , Starkey and more peppered in. It is amazing the full scope of the story you feel you are getting from seeing it from all of these perspectives. The villains are so powerfully portrayed, I really felt like I understood their motives and some of their craziness.-- Starkey believes he is invincible. He believes he is more than just destined for greatness, but that greatness is owed to him, and every one of these “victories” makes him believe it more and more. The Stork Lord. Hayden’s epithet is more on-target then even he realizes, for Starkey truly does see himself as royalty reaching for divinity. A chosen one with the pride and privilege of a god.The heroes are portrayed equally as honestly with all of their attributes and faults on display as well. No one is perfect but everyone is trying to do the best they can with what they have.Conner is not the same troubled boy he was in Unwind. He has really grown up over that last two years of running. He is easy to like and I am so happy that he and Risa were finally together again for the majority of this book. The love story between them is truly fantastic, well developed and beautiful. There has been no insta love here.There are a lot of really horrible disturbing moments in this book, but they are written in such a way that while yes, they are still disturbing I couldn’t help but read on, enthralled by the story. There are also as many truly touching heartfelt moments. I teared up more than once with the emotion of those moments. Even characters I thought I could not feel any sympathy toward somehow were able to elicit very confused feeling from me. I hated them but the events of a few situations really made me feel all the more sorry for them.A revolution is building but for change to happen a bunch of things will all need to fall into place at the same time. So many issues on the ballot for the election that have to do with unwinding and Proactive Citezenry are ramping up their propaganda campaigns. This is one of the things I really like about these novels, the way that advertising is used to show how different organizations are really promoting the same ideas and really all working for the same organization even though they seem to be promoting different things. It is incredibly smart.-- THE FOLLOWING IS A PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENTDON’T BE FOOLED BY MEASURE F!Supporters of the so-called Prevention Initiative claim that it’s all about the protection of at-risk children—but read the fine print! Measure F allows the Juvenile Authority to identify and track incorrigible children for the purpose of unwinding them as soon as they turn thirteen—which will be legal once the Parental Override bill becomes law. Measure G, on the other hand, funds the Juvenile Authority by giving cash incentives for the capture of AWOLs—who have already proven themselves to be menaces to society. No on F! Yes on G! Make the sensible choice!-- Paid for by the Alliance for an AWOL-Free NationAt the beginning of every section there are also references to actual stories from today that if taken just a little farther to a slight extreme could lead down this road. It is amazing to think that some of the stuff in the book is not that far from reality. There are also some radio broadcasts being put out by Hayden trying to ramp up support. He is slowly exposing Proactive Citizenry and the Juvenile Authority for the monsters they really are a little at a time in hopes that the people will have had enough and join in a single voice.-- “Y’know, if I wanted to make sure that the Juvenile Authority had greater and greater support, I would trick angry teenagers into blowing themselves up, and then blame the angry teenagers! No mess, no bother. Well, quite a lot of mess, but you get my point.All the little touches of the radio broadcasts, advertisements and articles from today and part of what makes this story so special and gives it just that little extra something.The story ties comes together so well and I really sat on the edge of my seat near the end so worried for all of the characters I love. There are some happy endings, there are some endings and there are some new beginnings.Our heroes Connor, Risa, Lev and Cam will all go to some extraordinary lengths so that no other troubled teen, ward of the state or tithe will ever suffer the fate of running from the law and the threat of being unwound. One of them will risk everything they are just for that hope. I’m sad to leave all these characters behind but I know that this is one of those storied that will stick with me and I will read time and time again throughout my life and get something different from it each time.I don’t read much YA anymore but books like these are why I still bother to read this genre at all. It is the journey that you want to see in a YA novel, but rarely get. The series is complete so no time like the present to jump in.

  • Shari Klase
    2019-02-03 05:53

    I really enjoyed this series. Although this is technically a YA book, I think any age would enjoy it. The plot line involves the physical unwinding or dismemberment of troubled kids that parents want to be rid of. Although at first thought I found this concept to be unrealistic and preposterous, thinking about the abortion industry made me think twice. Maybe this could happen. Anyway it's science fiction at its best. My only beef would be the amount of characters in the book. Sometimes it was hard to recall who was who but if you read as far as this book, you really get to know them. Shusterman ties up all the loose ends nicely and wraps them in a pretty bow at the end of this book. If you read it, you'll like it.