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STRIKE FIRST AND STRIKE FAST Learn how to stop any fight before it starts by mastering the art of the preemptive attack.First Strike End a Fight in Ten Seconds or Lessgives you an easy to learn yet highly effective self defense game plan for handling violent close quarter combat encounters In this powerful and informative book, self defense expert Sammy Franco teaches you instinctive, practical and realistic self defense techniques that will drop any opponent to the floor with one punishing blow.FIRST STRIKE WILL TEACH YOU How to end a fight instantlyHow to spot and avoid being targeted for a fightHow to deceive your opponent before hitting himSimple and effective fighting techniquesHighly powerful fighting combinations that workHow to avoid being arrested by the policeFirst strike workout routines to get you startedAnd much FIRST STRIKE BONUS MATERIAL Range proficiency skills allowing you to fight in all three ranges of unarmed combatGhosting skills to avoid being intimidated by your opponenetSecondary strikes to finish off your adversaryCompound attack skills to keep him from getting upOffensive flow movements that prevent a counterattackRelocation principle to avoid immediate retaliationAdvanced first strike techniques for unuusal circumstancesDefensive skills including blocks, parries, evasion movements Beginner, intermediate, and advanced first strike workout programsReal life first strike fighting scenarios to see the principles in actionPREVAIL IN THE STREETS First Strike End a Fight in Ten Seconds or Less teaches you the hard hitting self defense skills necessary to execute a punishing first strike and ultimately prevail in a street fight And thats what it is all about winning in as little time as possible and getting home alive...

Title : First Strike: End a Fight in Ten Seconds or Less! (English Edition)
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First Strike: End a Fight in Ten Seconds or Less! (English Edition) Reviews

  • Andrè M. Pietroschek
    2019-04-20 10:13

    Sammy writes good as an author and is most certainly a qualified martial artist. Yet this book tells nothing new, especially because it is based on Bruce Lee's 4 ranges of combat (like so many others...) The techniques as such work, yet there are tougher ones. When martial arts need that much training, why can a crack-crazed punk waste your life without any ? The pictures are clean, but noone reacts that stationary. Punching people who wait for your move to work is a fallacy, one that costs health. The basic moves remind me of some Muay Thai /JKD with grappling. The aspects of dealing with adrenal reaction and fear (your own) are horribly short. You may get a bad surprise finding out "out there" . It's like the PTS (post traumatic stress) dabbling, books from people who never got thru it and therefore only can theorize (and project their own wishes/fears). Hints on certain concepts are clean though, yet I won't believe the author to ever have fought in a real streetfight. The moves on multiple opponents will result in spinal damage, ball shots and other lessons... congratulations, you reminded me of the night which wasted my chance to become a cop. As much as I would like to say some more nice things, this book sends the ignorant and inexperienced like sheep into the slaughter house. Oh, the hint that one should note bite, drink blood from those who seemingly suffer diseases (HIV) is good, missed it in some books. If you think about buying this book do a course for "Model Mugging ?" as it is called in the USA.

  • None
    2019-04-03 08:39

    Napoleon said that the logical end of defensive warfare is surrender. What was true on the battlefields of Europe a few centuries ago is equally true in the concrete jungles of today: victory is born of offensive action.Many people have never considered the idea of striking first to end a threatening situation. To the average person, executing such an action in self-defense would seem a contradiction in terms. In FIRST STRIKE, Franco exposes this common (and dangerous) misconception. Fortunately for the reader, this is only the beginning.FIRST STRIKE is a strong treatment of the preemtive strike in its many forms. Franco covers the legal and moral aspects of the first-strike attack, the mentality required, and a wide variety of physical tools the reader can use to launch -- and equally important, to finish -- the attack. The book also devotes space to valuable drills, training routines, and scenarios. FIRST STRIKE is a complete blueprint for adding the preemptive strike to your self-defense arsenal.If you have not addressed this issue in your self-defense training, you MUST do so. FIRST STRIKE is an excellent training aid to help anyone, regardless of skill level or fighting discipline, begin to study this critical field.

  • Agustin Devoto
    2019-04-04 10:23

    First Strike is a great book. The concepts outlined in this book by Sammy Franco are logical and very effective. The concept of striking first in a fight is vital. Franco teaches step by step the best way to perform your preemptive strike and gives various techniques and scenarios to undestand the principles better. Just like any self-defense book, this book is useless without continuous practice of the techniques outlined. Franco also outlines psychological aspects of the fight. The only bad thing, i could point out in this book, altough minimal, is the use too many terms that seem irrelevant in some of the beginning chapters. Overall though the book is pretty straightforward and the techniques are easy to put into use in practice right away.

  • My business
    2019-03-21 07:13

    I bought this for my son. I was hesitant at first because I did not want to send my son the wrong message but DO want him to be as prepared as possible if he ever finds himself in a violent situation. This book has reinforced his education to AVOID a bad situation as much as possible while also showing him other methods to defend himself if the need arises.. I am glad I bought it and will be buying some of Mr Franco's other books.

  • Joseph J. Truncale
    2019-04-10 10:13

    Many years ago I had read and reviewed some of Sammy Franco’s books (1001 Fighting Secrets, When Seconds Count etc.) and admired his knowledge on self-defense and the fighting arts. In the past, I was also a combatives specialist and certified law enforcement tactics instructor (was also an Officer of ASLET when it was active) and I still seek out knowledge in this area.I purchased this book (First-Strike by Sammy Franco) at a pretty good price and just finished reading it. I found the material practical, truthful and effective for anyone who desires to study and practice the techniques taught in this book. This text is organized into six chapters and two appendix pages. The introduction section explains about Franco’s Contemporary Fighting Arts system, which includes the physical, mental and spiritual component.Chapter one covers the first strike-principle. Chapter two explains the first-strike prerequisites. Chapter three deals with blocks, parries and slipping punches. Chapter four shows the first-strike tools. Chapter five covers the secondary striking tools. The final chapter focuses on first-strike scenarios. Appendix A gives good advice on how to deal with the police. Appendix B explains some disingenuous vocalization exercises. There is also a suggested reading section and a very informative glossary.If you are interested in a practical and effective book on self-defense principles you should check out this volume.Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Use of the Monadnock Straight Baton/Advanced PR-24 Baton Techniques)

  • William M. Funk III
    2019-04-02 12:36

    Good analytical presentation, but I would like to have seen more details with regard to some strikes. I am still confused, for example, re the web hand strike. Does the blow occur between the thumb and index finger with hand pointed down or on side of hand with palm facing upward. Otherwise a great preliminary guide.

  • tony costello
    2019-04-08 12:25

    Great book on easily digestible first move offence I also have the dvd like all of sammy Franco's material very down to earth nothing fancy no fitness models demonstrating techniques.I can see where the haters would come in.with the what ifs.what I like on his books and dvds is that they are raw and the material makes brutal common sense.

  • highlandhoh3
    2019-04-02 09:22

    If only for the idea of being aware of the situation you are in or could be in.