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It s the 21st century, and global warming is here to stay, so forget the way your country used to look And get used to the free market, too the companies possess all the best hardware, and they re calling the shots now In a world like this, a man open to any offers can make out just fine A man like Greg Mandel for instance, who s psi boosted, wired into the latest sensory equipment, carrying state of the art weaponry and late of the English Army s Mindstar Battalion As the cartels battle for control of a revolutionary new power source, and corporate greed outstrips national security, tension is mounting to boiling point and Greg Mandel is about to face the ultimate test....

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Mindstar Rising: The Greg Mandel Trilogy, Book 1 Reviews

  • Janos Bekesi
    2019-02-01 00:22

    Im Kern ist der spätere Hamilton und seine Qualitäten schon sichtbar, aber andererseits, wenn ich diesen Roman als Erstes gelesen hätte, ich wäre nicht besonders neugierig auf seine späteren Bücher gewesen...

  • Anakina
    2019-02-15 00:25

    In titling this review I have deliberately played with the plot of the book. “Mindstar Rising” in fact has as its protagonist a former military, Greg Mandel, who was implanted with a special gland that allows him to feel the emotions of other people, and in a sense, to read their minds, even if not literally. Mandel is now a private detective who finds himself investigating a plot of global reach focused on the young heir to a billionaire. The story is set in a dystopian near future, a future in which global warming has transformed England into an almost deserted place where seas invaded the coasts and changed their morphology, where oil is over, and people live in a world degraded in a mixture of low and high tech, the second especially is the prerogative of the rich.The setting is picturesque, though I cannot stand post-apocalyptic stories, but the plot revolves around something very different and so this aspect hasn’t had a negative influence on my judgment.Although we are faced with situations very different from those of the usual books by Hamilton, his style is recognizable in the extreme complexity of the plot, the description of uninhibited erotic situations narrated as something natural, his long scenes that keep you glued to the pages of the book, his sought language that forces you to concentrate to the maximum while reading, the ending that can tear a smile.This is the first novel of Hamilton, the first of a trilogy that I will continue to read soon. In a sense, I appreciated it even more than his space operas, perhaps because imagining a near future gave me more references in the present and made it easier to imagine myself in the story. Hamilton’s characters are alive and you just want to know more about them. Also it is a thriller set in the future with shades of transhumanism, in other words a cyberpunk technothriller, but very contemporary, although it was published twenty years ago and some technological aspect is slightly outdated. But it differs from a certain obscurity of other books of this subgenre dated back to ten or more years earlier, making it an accessible read to a wider audience that goes beyond science fiction.Unfortunately, the book has never been translated into my language (Italian) and reading it in English requires a good knowledge of the language, given the richness of the language used by the author and his high register. But it can also be an opportunity to improve your English.Finally, the edition I read, the one published on the twentieth anniversary of the novel (each copy is numbered and signed by the author) also contains a previously unpublished novella in the first part of the book, but chronologically inserted at the end of the trilogy. It is a proper detective story, but set in the future and with an unpredictable and politically incorrect ending, which I would call it à la Hamilton and which makes it very different from other stories of this genre.Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli, author of 

  • None
    2019-02-17 00:27

    Dem Engländer Peter F. Hamilton ist mit seinem Erstlingswerk (Erstveröffentlichung 1992), das auch in deutscher Übersetzung vorliegt, ein atemberaubender SF-Roman gelungen. Mindstar Rising ist eine Mischung aus traditionellem Thriller und Cyberpunk, und IMHO allenfalls mit den späten Werken ("Aristoi", "Metropolitan") von Walter Jon Williams zu vergleichen. Denn im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Autoren setzt Hamilton nicht auf die bloße Wirkung von Versatzstücken (man nehme Empathie, einen Außenseiter und ein bißchen Virtuelle Realität), sondern er legt großen Wert auf die Darstellung seine Charaktere, die in einer modernen und komplizierten Welt agieren. Greg Mandel, Julia Evans und andere Hauptpersonen werden ausführlich vorgestellt, und daß der Roman trotzdem spannend bleibt, beweist, daß Hamilton sein Handwerk versteht. So gut geschriebene SF weist den Weg in ein neues Jahrtausend... »Minstar Rising« aus dem Jahre 1992 ist nur der erste Roman einer Trilogie um Greg Mandel. Die weiteren beiden Bände sind "A Quantum Murder" (1994) und "The Nano Flower" (1995).

  • None
    2019-01-19 23:41

    This book is the debut novel by Hamilton, and it definitely kick starts the career of what seems to be one of SF's hottest new writers right now. The place is 21st Century England, in the days after the Global Warming, the Credit Crash, and the People's Socialistic Party (PSP). The protagonist is Greg Mandel, an ex-Army veteran of the Mindstar Battalion, a special force of people infused with a gland that enables them to "see" what other people feels (or alternatively, see into the future). He is hired by the company Event Horizon, to clear up a mysterious leak in the company. This investigation takes him to many places, and to the final confrontation with the villain, Kendric di Girolamo.This book has it all: good characterization, a very thorough world-building, a good scientific base, and lots of suspense.

  • None
    2019-01-25 22:44

    I had high hopes when I set out to read Peter F. Hamilton's MINDSTAR RISING, and I was not dissapointed in the least. The book is set in a "cyber-punk" world, which is described quite well by Hamilton, but does not linger, leaving the reader informed, but not bored. The plot does not immediatley pick up, but if you stick with it for a little bit you won't be sorry! The story is interesting and engrossing, and follows a logical (but not boring) course throughout the first half of the book. In the second half though, the book starts to broaden out, leaving readers guessing as to what will happen, as a sort of quasi-mystery. Absolutley engrossing, you won't want to put this book down!

  • None
    2019-01-28 06:34

    I've always loved the genre of science fiction loosely called cyberpunk, dealing with a dark future of societal collapse where humanity is a quality that is no longer taken for granted, and so my husband picked this book up, thinking I might like it. I loved it! Greg Mandel is not a stereotypical cyberpunk hero, his internal conflicts go beyond whether or not the girl he's sleeping with is a threat to his career or not, he is a thinking person's cyberpunk. Hamilton creates a very real future, including political intrigue, underground warriors, and of course the not so wonderful life of the new race of supermen.