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On a dark and balmy Floridian night, a strange and mysterious dark haired woman stalks the shadows of the local college football stadium, on the prowl for secrets buried deep beneath the Earth.These secrets, she knows, may change everything including this small town.While knocking back illegal drinks with his friends at the hallowed Orangetown Pickers college football stadium, average kid Joe Black finds himself desperately trying to save the life of a beautiful dark haired woman after a deadly explosion violently interrupts his fun and games.While trying to fathom why he would even do something so reckless he soon finds himself entangled in a dangerous game of terrorist plots, mistaken identities, hard boiled detectives, the criminal underworld, and of all things magic as he tries to escape with his life and make sense of it all.Average Joe faces many challenges from all new enemies, assassins, and even his own friends.Can Joe navigate all this danger, escape with his life, and handle his biggest challenge to date, finding something about himself that is truly extraordinary Find out within the pages of Average Joe and the Extraordinaires.A heart warming and humorous tale filled with teen action and adventure, high school pranks, magical realism, female shifters, humorous high school bullies, and mysterious characters and locations....

Title : Average Joe and the Extraordinaires (An Average Joe Extraordinary Tale Book 1) (English Edition)
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Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : Englisch
Publisher : BWright Publishing Auflage 3 17 Dezember 2014
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Average Joe and the Extraordinaires (An Average Joe Extraordinary Tale Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • NiceCat
    2019-02-25 11:41

    The story is interesting and there is action and good looking girls and a nice protagonist.This is an easy read but at some points I just got the feeling the events feel too constructed.A bit like... theater. Scene+Action, New scene...action.I am no writer and have no idea why I get that feeling in this book but not in other books.The last third of the book feels rushed. No idea why I think so but things happen too much on trigger, like "ACTION". You get what I mean?All persons are in position, the hero does this, the hero does that, and ACTION, it feels wrong.However it is a nice read until the end where I just don't understand what is happening.It is like it should be real cliffhanger but I am missing information to understand why it is a cliffhanger or what is happening at all.So, if you have a book you know is good, read that book. But this one is kind of ok, too.

  • Rachel Barnard
    2019-03-09 12:34

    “Confusing the enemy greatly contributes to their defeat.” (Kindle Location 1375).Joe is your average guy in everything but putting himself in harm’s way to save someone in need. When it comes to helping or saving others, Joe does not hesitate. When he sees ‘Beauty’ in trouble at the local Orangetown Pickers game, he jumps in to help. But Beauty is not your average damsel and she isn’t really in distress, but Joe came at the right time and she uses him to help her save a different damsel. In the days and weeks that follow Joe’s life will be anything but average because that one decision to jump in and be a hero puts him at the top of some not so nice lists, least of all with the local bullies at his school.I loved Joe. He was weak. He was ignorant. He was clueless and hopeless and decidedly average but even average people can be heroes. Even average people can rise to a challenge and be extraordinary. Joe shows us that with determination and strong-mindedness, even in the face of cluelessness, one can do amazing things. And get caught. And get shot at. And stay calm. And be saved. Joe isn’t just one thing in this story but overall he doesn’t stop to think about helping another when the consequences for his own self could be severe.The “Damsels” as they might be called were not your typical damsels in distress. Though Joe calls the first damsel Beauty and the name sticks, she is more than this nickname would lead you to believe. It is not her beauty that sticks out, it is her extraordinary abilities, her fighting spirit, and the way she is tough and kicks butt through it all. Dahlila was just as tough as Beauty though she did get herself more stuck in bad situations than Beauty.The tech element in this book was fun and didn’t detract from the believability of the story. Why not have the good guy be extraordinary?

  • C. McMullen
    2019-03-17 13:25

    Joe may be an average guy, but with a giant BOOM (no really, its in the book), Joe's life no longer is. This is an adventure that begins with action and ends with action. In between there is a lot of mystery and even more humor. The narration is done in a way that keeps the story light, even as Joe is running for his life or stopping assassination attempts.I really enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to Joe's next adventure. Highly entertaining and suitable for both young adults and older readers.

  • ShemmyShem
    2019-03-18 17:39

    Average Joe proves to be much more than just an awkward teen. The action is fast-paced, fun, and thrilling, with lots of witty lines and dialogue. Joe will react on instinct, fighting bad guys, saving lives, and going for a girl he calls "beauty", who is more than feisty. This story is great for young readers and the author's style is unique, with characters that will stick in your mind for sometime. Recommended.

  • Customer
    2019-03-12 13:52

    I received a copy of the book from Belart Wright for the purpose of reviewI'm thoroughly surprised with this book. Usually I spend a week on a new book, slowly savoring all the details, characters, and the world in it. But this one didn't leave me a choice.The excitement was so strong, I'd probably just read it in one sleepless night (if I didn't pass out after 4 hours). It reminded me of my teen age years when there was no goodreads and such, and to find a good action novel like this one was a true miracle. Especially, when the ending actually makes sense and brings more magic into reading. I think it's a perfect book for both kids and teenagers, with no excessive violence and yet interesting, but what's more important is that it can be a fun reading for adults, too.The characters are realistic and believable, the writing is remarkably descriptive for such a fast-paced book, so there's no chance for boredom once you start reading. The ideas behind it never fully unfold, and it's mysterious and fascinating, never satisfying your curiosity about the world that the author has created. The plot that seems simple in the beginning, grows complex but not overly complicated by the end.I can't remember the last time a story had my full attention like this one and can't wait to read the second part of it!

  • ReadingWritings
    2019-03-26 15:49

    My first thought once I had finished reading the book was whether I was an average Joe myself. I must admit, this book kept me hooked onto it since the beginning.I had always thought that action was not my kind of genre, but Belart ensured that I underwent a change of thought. This book is very addictive from the very beginning. In fact, its very well written in spite of its simplicity. The language is simple, yet powerful enough to keep to wanting to know whats up next. This book has mass appeal. It does not use any objectionable language, no embarrassing scenes, and has nothing in it to prohibit youngsters from reading it. It has humour, magic, and witty conversations. Hence, a perfect combination of an exceptionally well-written book. To admit, I could not help smiling most of the time as I kept reading.The best parts are the descriptions used throughout. Very apt, adequate for the described situation with no overdoses, and with the ability to trigger all imageries, especially those connected with visual, auditory and tactile senses.To sum up, I loved the book from beginning to end. A definite must read for each and every avid reader.P.S- Belart Wright has converted a non-believer into a believer that action can be addictive without blood and gory descriptions. Kudos!!!