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Currently undergoing edits If you already purchased the book, keep an eye out for updates In the world where strength is what determines the future accomplishements of people and magical beasts roam the lands, Hui Yue and his friends finds themselves on the road of cultivation which brings them to the Dungeons of the Divine But just what are these dungeons and what will they meet deep within Join Hui Yue and his friends on an epic adventure through the world where only the strong survive....

Title : Dungeons of the Divine (Blue Phoenix Book 2) (English Edition)
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Dungeons of the Divine (Blue Phoenix Book 2) (English Edition) Reviews

  • NiceCat
    2019-01-24 22:30

    The hero is often behaving in a very silly way.A group tries to kill them and kidnap one of the woman. He could kill the other group. Instead he makes a deal so they will fight in the public for the woman so each and everyone in the world will know how he fights AND he has to use a skill he can use only once every some years.So, instead of removing the threat to his friends he shows off his powers and removes his ability to protect them for some years AND the woman could lose her freedom. Why? No reason. Just because.He knows, that two persons who are with the group can not be trusted. He knows not what exactly is the problem, he only knows, they can not be trusted. So of course he does not tell his friends. His friends go with the untrustworthy ones and get into a trap. Surprise.And then he decides to stay with the traitors. Because they are strong.This just makes so much no sense at all. I hate the traitors and I really think low about the "hero" kiddy.I just stopped reading because I was so angry about the senseless behavior.There are so many books out there, if you can, avoid this. If you are really out of books, then and only then you should try this.Even if you loved the first one, although the ending was bad and senseless and not good, don't bother with this one unless you really have to.

  • Holger
    2019-01-27 00:21

    Ich finde die Serie und das Buch gut geschrieben und eine interessante Herangehensweise um im Leben aufzusteigen.Es ist zwar nicht alles logisch nachvollziehbar und etwas zu sehr Ich-bezogen geschrieben, aber wunderbar zu lesen mit einigen spannenden Wendungen.

  • larry
    2019-02-05 03:39

    A fairly long and often overly detailed 2nd book in the "Blue Phoenix" series, it picks up 4 months after the previous book. The cast of primary characters has been forced into exile (or fleeing, as case may be), and has been moving towards and searching for the "Dungeons of the Divine" ever since.They enter the dungeon, a world within a cave who's residents (as far as we initially can see) have no idea of an outside world.We run into immortal characters called Laws who appear to be children -- they will eventually be included within one of several plots.We also run into numerous action sequences.The main character extremely slowly builds (his) cultivation, letting us know there could be a large number of these overly long books in the future. The main character seems extremely "dumbed down", apparently unable to plot & plan, though he had shown the abilities in the previous book. He is also extremely naive and overly trusting, though both his previous life and his beginnings in his new world should have shown him differently.At the end we have another "time jump", as the cast of characters splits. The time jump is relatively unsupported -- few events are told, though activities within the "jumped time" could be significant.Definitely not as well-told as the first book -- while it doesn't have the appearance of "rushed to publication", the sequel is definitely less than the primary book.Let's hope that the 3rd book shows both character and writer improvement.

  • chad
    2019-01-19 06:39

    The story continues as the main character and two of his friends go on an adventure into the caves below them. Soon they are on the run while many want to kill this group and make the main character a pawn.The grammar in the first book was bad but book two was worse. To make matter even worse whole chapters are duplicated. Not just paragraphs (which does happen) but ENTIRE chapters.Other than that you get the occasional fight which are dull and they each lvl once or twice. Nothing good happens so this book was kinda boring. What was the most annoying part is the ending and the beginning of the next book. They mention in book two a cave made for the beast inside him. This cave is supposed to make him extremely stronger but they skip this entirely and jump one year of him on the run solo style. Personally I would skip this book and read the next one if I had the choice.

  • Colin Hunterwolf
    2019-02-02 02:48

    Good stuff. Just to be clear though, this is a very niche item. I'm not entirely sure whether the author is Chinese and this is translated, or whether it's just written in the spirit of it, but this is very much a Chinese Web Novel, much like you'd find on Wuxiaworld or so on. Very good, i have very little complaints, as it REALLY follows the genre; i.e. its negatives are very much in line with every other webnovel, and its positives are right in the same vein. Briefly: the standards or what makes a character 'heroic' are very different than what most western people ascribe to, so if you're not a fan of your main character willing and able to kill (with strong bloodlust), then you may want to avoid. That being said, he doesn't go off and do pointless amounts of massacres because 'they didn't give him face' or some such that you see relatively often, making him a step above in my book.The characters are nice, although there seems to have been some role change in a few of them. For example, the childhood rival (who shockingly turns out to be a girl....) went from being a frontline attacker type with lightning powers, to a healer type with wood based plant taming...?Anyway, don't expect too much out of this, but it's great fun if you don't have super expectations. Enjoy it for what it is.**Note** All 3 of the volumes have very weird issues with the formatting. The editing and grammar are just fine (not 100% perfect, but damn good compared to many self-published novels out there), except every so often, maybe 3-5 times a book.... entire pages and partial chapters are duplicated. Straight up duplicated. A chapter will end, or whatever, and then 3 pages later, mid page, sometimes on page break, you'll get the last 5 pages of the chapter you just read, copied in verbatim. Probably an editing issue.

  • Antony Chow
    2019-01-23 01:26

    When I started reading book 2, a major concern for me was whether the author would fall into the trap of making the hero of the story too overpowering. At the urging of his master, the protagonist enters a whole new world--underground. Within the dungeon, the reader is introduced to new friends & foes, and a better understanding of the motivations of the "archvillain" of the series. As to my original concern, the author successfully navigates around this by adding exponentially more powerful characters into the story, whose interests may not align with Hui Yue, but also allows the hero to grow and develop further. Dungeons of the Divine was an enjoyable read that I finished in one sitting. And I look forward to the next book in the series.

  • Stephanie Craig
    2019-01-24 03:32

    Let me start by saying I enjoyed the book..... The ending does gloss over a fair bit and could use a revisit IMO.The story itself is good, though it is in desperate need of an editor (spelling errors, obvious typos, and similar sounding but wrong words used everywhere). Certain bits are repeated throughout the book, and if removed would probably cut out 15% of the book(reminiscent of Nightside by Simon Green).I WILL read the next book regardless, but thought I should give some feedback