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A Shade of Vampire, Twilight, and The Vampire Gift fans have found their next series.The Roses is a cult classic of YA adventure and romance, with all 9 books completed.I couldn t put it down Very different storyline I ve read Cursed 3 times now and I m still hooked Someone in Port Mackenzie is drugging the fairest of them all and leaving them in the dark corners of the forests.When 17 year old Aimee James, wakes in a hospital bed with almost no memories, she has no idea what s coming or where this adventure will end.But she does remember him, the angel from her dreams.Desperate to solve the mystery surrounding her own assault, she starts the hunt, not just for the attacker but also the man with the eyes made of light.As she gets sicker, a side effect of the drugs forced on her, Aimee discovers there are worse things than dying There is something called cursed.And it comes with a price tag you cannot imagine.One Aimee cannot pay.One click to start an epic tale...

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The Roses 1: Cursed (English Edition) Reviews

  • Consument
    2019-04-13 10:06

    Ich hatte schon lange kein Buch mehr was ich so "aufgesoge" habe! Tolle Geschichte - Fantasiereich aber auch aus dem normalen Alltag geholt! Story hört am Ende nicht wirklich auf, so das man eigenlich die weiteren Bücher lesen muss. Bin gerade beim 2. Buch... Zur Info, es gibt 5 Bücher in einem, so kann man etwas Geld sparen! Die ersten 5 Bücher sind hier drin versteckt: The Devil's Roses Omnibus

  • Miaka1805
    2019-04-15 04:27

    enjoyable book, which made start reading the following books as soon I finished.Aimee, a nerdy girl, who's still devastated because of her mothers dead, is standing in the shadow of her sparkling pretty twin sister. One night her sister convinced her to go to a party with her.She met a mysterious guy, found out that the boy who is with her sister, truly likes her instead. And she got poisoned and nearly died.Now she made a decision which changed her life for ever... To become death to stay alive..

  • Melissa
    2019-04-07 03:25

    First I got this when it was free, so no gripes on the price. Second, the author has great plot talents, but I've had this issue in other books by her. I do love most of her stories, however, this was sadly one that got me and then lost me. I'll explain. Here were a few distractions to reading that put me off. Again this is just MY opinion. I'm sure others will feel different.The 'steam' was good, m'kay. but there was too much steam with too many people. It was distasteful to me by the end.The main plot starts off great. One thing that started to bother me first was how the main character was told time and time again how she wasn't as pretty as her sister, but cleans up nice. She is a twin by the way who cannot seem to cope with the loss of her mom. That is after make up and dresses are added and people take notice. Like the main, I thought i was a slap int he face. At least Shane mentions he likes her without all of that. Nerds are just to plain. While I get this, it was stated so many not too too bad but tiring.She was like her mom one minute then totally like her dad. This could have been good, but it was more confusing the way it was presented. Obvious right? she is their kid...BUT she started to turn out more like her fickle sister than herself. I was disappointment with her and her changes and how she handles them. While I get it was inexperience, it was not believable to me.I'm sorry, just wasn't.I cried. The wind an her mom was great. Then I was sad it turned out to be something else. Giselle and Jamie parts were so moving I cried more. There is real power in these parts of the book. This is where Tara shines.Blake, not best friend quality. Did such a major turn, I started to hate him. I don't know why, but after the friendship was ended for Satan, which is a pun, I lost respect for him. "I wanted a beautiful girlfriend for once"- If he were real I'd back hand him.Buildup with Shane was on Par until A shows up. And then the main simply...forgets him. If you are in love how can you forget, even for lust? It got silly by the near end. These characters did things that were implausible. I hate to be criticle, but I couldn't take it.Then there is Satan, aka her twin, which I felt had bipolar on paper. Hot and cold to the point I could have punched her myself and flicked her like a fly from my finger. Not like people with real bipolar, who i really feel for. She had no sustenance to her core. She is all drama, but severely moody. I didn't find her redeemable, or her tears near the end worth anything. By then she was too far gone in to the nasty girl column I couldn't justify her coping skills-if that's what they were. Her jealousy of her smart twin, to steal the few things her twin wants (boys too), and her lack of tears at her own moms funeral. At first i thought it was her trying to cope, but the girl was too mean.The bad guy reveal was a good twist, I must add that. Loved that and didn't see it though it was right there.Then comes the love triangle. Lust on one side and childhood love on the other. Ok, not bad as most books have this so I was ready. The connection to Shane had some potential, but it just isn't just strong enough to pop. Then comes in A (cannot pronounce this name so I will refer to A). His back story was intriguing...but then fell off. What exactly was he. What really happened and what really drew him to her other than how she opened up to her mom, when it was really him. Then the lies...His blue eyes and intensity was right on, but then the main character refers to it as something less...It was like these two guys totally morphed into other people like the main. While I get her decent, not theirs. Caring became sex and let me possibly commit you, and undying love and attraction was all lies and mistruths. I was let down with both males. A seemed like he lost his nuts, and Shane his caring. I couldn't care for A as much, though I DID feel bad he feel in love with her and she finally understands she cannot live without the Shane. After all that. Shane then runs from her because of something cheesy, and she again holds onto A. NOW I wanted to smack the main.Fickle interactions have everyone misunderstanding and missing the mark at least a good three times...I got over it after the second and gave an evil eye on the third. I was getting mad, but I finish all the books I start. I gotta know what happens and see if things get pulled back in. They were not, for me.Which brings me to the next point that I've seen in countless books from Ms. Brown. I just don't understand how a girl who had no one, really only loved on guy, suddenly is hornier than everyone by the end. Dorian, Shane, A...Three guys and then by the end she feels boots make her feel sexy? No wonder she cannot make her mind up. I found her distasteful at this point and was so sad to see the great start go poof. Alas, not everyone will feel this way.Shane and and the main doing an action but then it is revealed he was going to send her away for how she started to change. I was wondering that as well. The changes were just off to me. I lost the core girl and the relating ability to her about 3/4 in. She couldn't sustain a good relationship at all. Too much back and forth as well. I couldn't really get where the author was leading me. I get the girl was supposed to be alone. eh.I laughed a ton at the thought process of the main in the first half of the book.Too many uses of I. Some analogies used the actual thing it was referring too as others have stated.*I know this was really critical. It wasn't meant to disrespect, but to point pout things I particularly didn't enjoy. Since the reviews are higher, maybe I am one of the few who just didn't like it. I was really sad, because I loved it at first, then it just got away from me. The deal breaker was the main lusting after everyone she did, and the poor results of both Shane and Aleis (A), and then adding Dorian as well by the end. Does she really need three guys?

  • Samantha
    2019-03-27 08:18

    This is another book that I just couldn’t finish.First off, the prologue was highly confusing and didn’t make me want to go on. Too much emotion way too quickly and slapped right in your face. Not really a good way to start off. And maybe don’t make a prologue that’s obviously so far into the book that you’re still in the very beginning by chapter 8.That’s right, I was at chapter 8, halfway through the book and it’s still on the high school drama of it all with no explanation for the confusing prologue.It drags so much and just seems to unnecessarily repeat itself over and over, sometimes within the same sentence. I had no desire to read on and was more interesting in watching Naruto on Netflix than finishing this book.It’s forgettable, shallow, and takes to long to get to a point.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-03-25 04:27

    Not what I expected. The description was a little misleading. However, I liked the story and did become engrossed in this young girl and her family's struggles. I wasn't expecting all the reveals that came toward the end. What I wasn't happy with was the abrupt ending. After such a long and winding drama, it just kind of screeched to a halt like a car crash, ending in like a fender bender. I didn't understand it, it wasn't even like a cliff hanger and it kind of ruined the whole thing for me. I wasn't sure where the girl was left and in what new predicament. Judging from the reviews, the next book may lead to a similar conclusion. Don't know if I want to try it or not at this time. Three stars for an interesting tale up to that point. Then there are lots of grammar errors and misspelled words.

  • louise hunter(Books All things paranormal and romance)
    2019-03-31 09:06

    Wow this had my head spinning! This is such a fantastic story I loved everything about it. I'm super keen to read the next instalment this is unique fresh and a great spin on the paranormal world.I'm telling you all when I reach the next book so much is going to come together and so much is going to explode and have me on the edge of my seat.I wonder What will happen with Shane and Aleks and how will Aimee's heart hold up.There will be so much more to come I'm itching on reading the next book.Assassins Reading Reviewing Group ~Books All Things Paranormal And Romance ~

  • Jackie
    2019-04-03 05:11

    Cursed. Yes, that describes the characters in the book very well. It a good story line; the all American Girl, nerdy a in cute and loveable way, in a small town where everyone knows you and nothing ever bad happens-until that same girls goes to her first party and something bad DOES happen. It's been a rotten year for Aimee James. She's finally beginning to come out of mourning for her mother, when the boyfriend of her sister asks her to come to a party at his house. She's crushed on this guy forever, and she's pretty sure her mom would want her to be she says yes (that's not the only reason she says yes, but I'm not going to spoil it for you). Things go downhill pretty fast once she gets there.Alise is Aimee's twin sister. But they are as different from each other as you can get. Alise is the life of the party. Literally. She's had more boyfriends than Aimee has socks! Alise can't imagine a life without a boy in it. As a matter of fact, she prefers to have more than one boyfriend at a time. She drinks, which gets her into trouble. Aimee can't understand why someone would do to her body what Alise does to hers. But Amiee stills loves her sister, and would do anything to keep her safe.I really did like the story, but I have to admit some of the scenes seemed to jump around. And I would have to re-read some sections twice to understand what the author was trying to convey. I have the first 5 books in the series, so I'm excited to see what happens to Aimee, her family, and the love of her live (won't give that away either, but I will say she has a choice to make).I'm giving the book only 3 stars for the moment. Again, the story is a good one, but maybe a little tough to read. Give it shot and tell us what you think. I'll post the review to book 2 soon. I've finished that already too.