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Its warm too warm.Sure, whatever she was wrapped in was soft and sensuous on her skin, but it was too hot.Annoyed, Matrise opened her eyes.For a moment, everything was bright.There were vague shapes and shadows, no definition until her eyes slowly adapted to the bright light of the room.When, at last, her vision cleared, Matrise was left suspended in a terrifyingly befuddled moment.It took Matrises brain another minute to finally catch up with the clarity her eyes were experiencing.When it did, she realized that the red dominated dcor was enhanced by red curtains, turning the bright light of the day into a red glow.Still too much redsomeone really bought into the red equals luxury idea.Too hot Matrise finally focused on the sheets they were velvet.Not a slinky, supple silk or satin no they were velvet.Matrise shifted and struggled against the sheets where they had been tucked around her.Something was making it impossible to get loose at least until it also shifted.Until, he shifted.Definitely he The man who shifted, finally releasing an edge of the swath of velvet causing Matrise to overheat while tethering her to the bed, looked as if he should be shooting calendar spreads or soft core desktop wallpaper shots.Suddenly, something moved on Matrises other side.Another man and she was seeing double.The man on her left was the spitting image of the man on her right.Twins In that moment, Matrise realized that something was very wrong.This wasnt one of her indecent fantasies as she recovered in a highly medicated state in a hospital.No, Menage Trois had never been one of her fantasies Men could get weird about the risks of coming in contact with one another.And twins who might not be squeamish that way that was just too strange.Adults Only...

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Alien Lords' Captive (Celestial Mates Book 6) (English Edition) Reviews

  • lotsofbooksde
    2019-02-27 15:03

    I have read the first book of this series and the fifth. I didnt really like Nr 1, but gave Nr 5 a chance and didnt regret it. Nr 6 sounded Fun and I had just finished the other one early Last night, so a less than 200pager was possibility to finish before bed. Nr 6 it was and I think the whole TOB chapters where they Go to space and the accident was amazingly written. Then I was thrilled and grinned to myself when Matrise (horrible name) awoke on the Alien Planet. I was expecting a threesome romances Story, but woosh, did it turn in its axis. Wonderful. I really like to have this Story as a movie. Especially the scenes where they had to Cross the crags. That was funny.I Love that Planet and the described of the old cities. That could beamazing in Screen.

  • Rielle
    2019-03-03 13:02

    Marla Therron brings you into a surreal world of excitement and sci-fi scenes. If you are looking for the perfect quick read to curl up with and enjoy, consider giving Alien Lord's Captive a chance. If you're new to the genre it's a perfect book to start with, and if you're familiar with alien romance you won't be disappointed with Matrise's descriptive adventures. The book is fast-paced and the story is creative.

  • Janine Audrey McLaughlin
    2019-03-14 15:07

    This was a really fun quick read before bedtime. I curled up with it and got lost in an action packed adventure with hot space alien guys. What more could a girl ask for? There was tension, there were surprises, my only criticism was that I wished it had been longer. All the pieces were there, it could have been drawn out so that I could get more invested. Other than that...great read!

  • Dawn J.
    2019-02-21 17:55

    Loved loved loved the story. Scene and character building were fantastically done. H/h were both strong and made for a perfect match. Would have enjoyed a little better ending as after 2 years there should have been many blessings to talk about. The only reason for the 4 star rating was that the grammar in many areas was awful. To get higher ratings invest in either someone to edit it or get the Grammerly program. Look forward to more of this series.

  • Eli O. Jakobsen
    2019-03-06 18:58

    Weird erratic language mistakes was the only drawback. Otherwise, the story was good, the dialogue, witty and the plot was interesting

  • Linda Angle
    2019-03-14 19:09

    The books in this series are hard to put down! I have thoroughly enjoyed each one. I love the characters and look forward to meeting the new ones!